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christina zaenker, cello

neil burnett, celtic harp

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Celtic chamber folk

harp and cello

Crossbow is an expression of a tradition that can be traced back at least 400 years in Ireland and more particularly in Scotland.

In the background of this text is the ceiling of the "HarpRoom" of Crathes Castle, the ancestral seat of the Burnetts in Aberdeenshire. A range of instruments is visible: the clàrsach (harp), lute, cittern (in the mandolin family), viola da gamba (ancestor of the cello), and various others. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the cello was a frequent member of ensembles that performed artful arrangements of dance tunes, songs, and airs for gatherings. The harp and cello would have been a familiar and welcome combination then as they are now in Crossbow.

Crossbow continues this tradition by making instrumental arrangements of traditional tunes from Ireland and Scotland, and by composing and performing new music that is inspired by traditional forms and incorporates newer influences.

Neil and Christina have been playing together as Crossbow since 2010.








Neil Burnett has performed and recorded with a number of artists and bands, including the Paperboys, Doug Cox, the Brothers Creeggan (Jim and Andy of Barenaked Ladies), the Widdershins, Will Millar of the Irish Rovers.  He has enjoyed collaborating with local Kamloops artists in recent years. 

Neil plays the Celtic harp, Irish flute, tin whistle, the bodhrán (the traditional Irish/Scottish drum) and keyboards. He is also a composer of music for film, TV, and theatre. 

Neil has played, composed for, and recorded with the harp for 16 years and made several busking tours through the British Isles and Europe with it.


Christina Zaenker is a cellist and singer from Vancouver who has developed her own accompanying style to add depth, texture, rhythm and harmony to recordings and performances.  She has worked with dozens of independent Canadian musicians including: Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath), Rae Spoon, Yael Wand, Kate Reid, Joey Only, Leela Gilday, and Linda McRae. Most recently she was part of the chamber folk-pop ensemble Morlove formed by songwriters Corwin Fox and Emily Millard, and including violinist Hannah Epperson.  She is now collaborating with Kamloops singer-songwriter Deandra Dey, and regularly performs with two orchestras in Kamloops: the Thompson Valley Orchestra and Brandenburg Orchestra.


2017 Summer Performances

  • KAMLOOPS ARTISAN MARKET -  St.Andrews on the Square courtyard, 2nd & Seymour.
    • Sat July 1, 9am -12pm
    • Sat July 29, 9am -12pm


  • OSPREY FESTIVAL!  Sat July 22, 12:30pm Crossbow set.      Event runs 10am-4pm
    • North Vancouver- Maplewood Flats --2649 Dollarton Highwayhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1932268630347144/   The event will feature workshops, guided walks, various speakers, live music, First Nation's knowledge sharing, children's entertainment, bird watching and food. We encourage everyone to come out!!   Event runs 10am-4pm


  • Downtown Kamloops, KCBIA summer music series
    • Wednesday July 19th, 11:30-2pm Lansdowne Village
    • Friday July 28th, 11:30-2pm Lansdowne Village
    • Thursday August 24th, 5:30-7:30pm near 3rd Ave


More dates to come!

Be sure to look out for Crossbow or Neil performing solo at the Kamloops Farmer's Market on Saturdays whenever we can! 


Previous performances:



We are thrilled to have been awarded a $500 Grant to help us begin recording our music (EP/CD)!

http://kamloopsarts.ca/programs/grants-scholarships/?   We will be working with Mike Turner (Turner's Music Studio) as well as with our friend Jon Treichel to get some live sounds recorded at special locations in & around Kamloops.  Stay tuned!


In other news...

~Visit our TOUR page for upcoming gigs! 

~SUMMER means weddings, farmer's markets, festivals, and gatherings of friends & family.  You can always CONTACT US for rates and available dates as we'd love to bring our music to your event.

~Neil has finally SOLD OUT of his Into the Green CDs!  Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy and tells us they still play it regularly.   That means a lot! We can't wait to have something new to sell and share with you.



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